Baptism is the first and most important sacrament. Baptism washes the stain of original sin off the soul, and leaves on it a mark that will forever identify it as a child of God. God adopts us into His family, and we become brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are symbolic elements of a Baptism that show the reality of what happens in the soul. Water is used to show the washing away of the stain of original sin. Anointing with sacred chrism (holy oil) symbolizes the permanent stain left on the soul that identifies it as a child of God. White garments are symbolic of the new purity of the soul, now that all guilt has been washed away.  Lastly, a candle is lit from the Paschal Candle to show that the person has received the Light of Christ, and been immersed in His Passion, Death, and Resurrection.

Please call the parish office to schedule an appointment for Baptism preparation and date.

What is Baptism?

Picture taken at the Jordan River by parishioners on pilgrimage to the Holy Land